IT Infrastructure Management

We deliver comprehensive and effective solutions which helps you to focus on your core business whilst we manage your IT infrastructure. We have proven end-to-end methodologies, standard tools and quality oriented process in place to meet all IT related challenges. Our services include Server Management, Network Management, Server Monitoring, Server Security, Application Management, Consultation in designing your IT infrastructure.

Our engineers are highly qualified with international certifications. We provide 24/7 proactive support ensuring high availability for your services. Timely server audits as per the standards will ensures your server and applications are free from security breaches. Our backup methods and stratergies implemented for this purpose will save your data and make it possible to retrieve it at any point of time.

An organization's infrastructure management should address the availability, fault and performance management of its IT infrastructure. Infrastructure Management covers:

 Optimization of the IT infrastructure to meet business needs for high availability, reliability and scalability
 IT infrastructure monitoring and testing technologies that deliver service assurance
  Technologies needed to build business service views
 Capacity-planning processes and best practices
 Enterprise Customer Relationship Management
 Managed services including Business Processes Management and Hosted Services

ICT Infrastructure Management
ICT Infrastructure Management processes recommend best practice for requirements analysis, planning, design, deployment and ongoing operations management and technical support of an ICT Infrastructure.

The Infrastructure Management processes describe those processes within ITIL that directly relate to the ICT equipment and software that is involved in providing ICT services to customers.
 ICT Design and Planning
 ICT Deployment
 ICT Operations
 ICT Technical Support